Minion feature 2017

This summer! We will enjoy with minion!

Goods and events of minion are varied!

  • Minion stamp rally holding!

    We hold minion stamp rally in commemoration of exhibition on movie "minion size escape of phantom thief guru" Friday, July 21, 2017!
    We discover minion in AEON MALL, and let's get limited goods!

    [BOOK / stamp rally setting place]
    ■In front of GRAND MALL 3F Graniph

    [premium exchange place of stamp rally]
    ■In front of GRAND MALL 2F Kurashi no Money plaza
    ■It is along FAMILY MALL 2F Family Court colonnade
    ※In none exchange time until 18:00.
    ※After 18:00, it comes to support exchange in GRAND MALL 3F AEON CINEMA.

    For more information:

  • We appear whether much-talked-about minion is full of variations as Kids T-shirt!

    ■(1)Minion banana T-shirt
    ■(2)Minion line T-shirt
    ■(3)Nari drill minion T-shirt
    Body price for each 1,990 yen (tax-included for each 2,149 yen)

    Right-on (Right―on)
    2F [1244] / Men's ladies' Kids
    TEL: 043-299-3166
  • Lunchtime becomes happier with lunch goods of cute minion!

    ■(1)Sliding hashi box set
    Body price 600 yen (tax-included 648 yen)
    ■(2)Direct chisel Sport Bottles
    Body price 1,400 yen (tax-included 1,512 yen)
    ■(3)Lunch box
    Body price 1,500 yen (tax-included 1,620 yen)

    Party RICO
    3F [3308] / Character & variety miscellaneous goods
    TEL: 043-239-9358
  • Strap transforms itself into banana!
    A certain play gokoro item of PUMA and minion.

    [minion X PUMA Shoes]
    ■(1)Minion ST runner V infanto
    Body price 4,500 yen (tax-included 4,860 yen)
    ■(2)Court flextime INF
    Body price 6,000 yen (tax-included 6,480 yen)

    ASBee KIDS (ASBee Kids)
    2F [3230] / Kids Shoes
    TEL: 043-213-7110
  • It is limited product only for our shop in national VILLAGE VANGUARD!
    Let me play an active part in watching baseball♪

    [minion X Marlene's]
    ■(1)Collaboration T-shirt
    Body price 3,000 yen (tax-included 3,240 yen)
    ■(2)Collaboration Towels
    Body price 2,000 yen (tax-included 2,160 yen)
    ■(3)Collaboration smartphone case
    Body price 3,241 yen (tax-included 3,500 yen)

    3F [1321-1] /JAPAN POP JUNGLE / Books, new media, food, goods
    TEL: 043-272-2171
  • (1)Gumball machine is usable as savings bank!
    (2)To summer attendant that pretty handy bag fan is hot.

    ■(1)Gumball machine
    Body price 2,200 yen (tax-included 2,376 yen)
    ■(2)Minion fan
    Body price 730 yen (tax-included 788 yen)

    PLAZA Cuddlesome
    2F [1253] / Import life miscellaneous goods
    TEL: 043-350-5100