[giga dinosaur exhibition-limited] Dinosaur menu feature

"Giga dinosaur exhibition 2017" special collaboration menu

Collaboration menu of giga dinosaur exhibition comes up!
Giga size menus of dish reflecting the image of dinosaur and volume perfect score assemble in full force!

Limited menu which we can eat only now★
Try by all means at this opportunity♪

Simultaneous holding!

Giga dinosaur exhibition 2017 [ticket stub service] is this

※Good! Click "Haat" for article that yearned for to!

  • ■Whip Butter dinosaur exhibition
    Body price 630 yen (tax-included 680 yen)

    In commemoration of giga dinosaur exhibition, dinosaur is drawn for a limited time.

    2F [1235-6] /GRAND DINERS / Pasta & pancake
    TEL: 043-306-7566
  • ■Taco rice
    Body price 907 yen (tax-included 980 yen)

    We image egg covered by the forest.
    Dinosaur is taste of being surprised, too!

    Railroad Café STEAM LOCOMOTIVE (steam locomotive)
    3F [1321-4] /JAPAN POP JUNGLE / Café restaurant
    TEL: 043-306-7303
  • ■Giga Mir!
    Body price 1,481 yen (tax-included 1,600 yen)

    It was two-ply, and meat carried large size on board a lot!

    One dish Pizza Meal
    3F [1322-3] /LIVE KITCHEN / Pizza
    TEL: 043-216-4011
  • ■Pasta in the bloom of giga
    540 yen that includes a lot of Pasta one piece of article price + tax

    540 yen that includes + tax at all Pasta article double size!

    Red pepper
    3F [1322-4] /LIVE KITCHEN / Store specializing in Pasta
    TEL: 043-273-6888
  • ■Giga float
    500 yen that includes float one piece of article price + tax

    Both software and Drinks are normal double size!

    BokujyoSoka momom (momamu)
    3F [1322-1] /LIVE KITCHEN / Ranch sweets
    TEL: 043-310-3267
  • ■Height of Champon Vegetables giga
    Body price 780 yen (tax-included 842 yen)

    One cup of Vegetables this for 1st!

    Chanpontei Sohonke
    3F [3311-8] / Gochiso Park / Champon
    TEL: 043-216-2288
  • ■Braised stewed egg and meat
    Adult: 1,922 yen - 2,894 yen (tax-included)
    Primary schoolchild: 1,166 yen - 1,382 yen (tax-included)
    Infant: 626 yen (tax-included)
    ※Free of charge less than 3 years old

    It is product which both child and adult can have in wide customer deliciously!

    We suggest BUFFET RESTAURANT eight (bufferesutoranhakkon)
    2F [1235-14] /GRAND DINERS / Buffet restaurant
    TEL: 043-213-7801
  • ■Egg of dinosaur
    Body price 1,550 yen (tax-included 1,674 yen)

    We transform ourselves into chirashi-sushi when we mix the material which is popular among child and cute egg-shaped rice!

    Kanazawa maimon Sushi
    1F [1136-10] / time Marche / Conveyor belt sushi
    TEL: 043-306-7573
  • ■Giga yu*tori fried rice
    Body price 1,380 yen (tax-included 1,490 yen)

    yu*tori fired rice with popular menu appears to dinosaur by the surprising double volume!
    Even two adults are special dishes of great satisfaction.

    2F [1235-11] /GRAND DINERS / Taiwanese dish
    TEL: 043-306-7789
  • ■Pile giga thing; soba
    Body price 1,000 yen (tax-included 1,080 yen)

    We did height of a good giga in large quantities! (normal 3 times!)

    Kanazawa Maimon-ya
    3F [1322-11] /LIVE KITCHEN / Seafood bowl, soba
    TEL: 043-239-6364
  • ■Giga Fujiyama
    Body price 1,250 yen (tax-included 1,350 yen)

    "Fujiyama" double! Let's eat in two people!

    Noodles shop Kokoro
    3F [1322-12] /LIVE KITCHEN / Tsukemen, ramen
    TEL: 043-301-5510
  • ■Giga tower burger set
    Body price 2,980 yen (tax-included 3,218 yen)

    Drinks and potato of giga size were set in that tower burger!

    3F [1322-2] /LIVE KITCHEN / Gourmet burger
    TEL: 043-272-2391
  • ■(1)Fried Cheese Curry plate of Stegosaurus stenops
    Body price 1,600 yen (tax-included 1,728 yen)
    ■(2)Jushi hamburg plate of tyrannosaurus
    Body price 1,600 yen (tax-included 1,728 yen)

    Combo plate which is boryumi which gave glory to toasted laver which modelled dinosaur.
    With set Drinks.

    CaféR (Café are)
    2F [3214] / Café
    TEL: 043-216-5446
  • ■400 g of Hawaiian garlic steak
    Body price 2,686 yen (tax-included 2,900 yen)

    Carnivorous girl! You of meat enthusiast! Please come to eat!

    HALENOHEA (harenohea)
    1F [4104] / Hawaiian Café diner
    TEL: 043-306-4332
  • ■Height of giga
    Body price 5,093 yen (tax-included 5,500 yen)

    Assortment of five kinds of popular diamond cut series.
    We are surprised at dinosaur! don! tto 500 g!

    Yakiniku Toraji
    2F [1235-12] /GRAND DINERS / Yakiniku, Korean food
    TEL: 043-272-4129