Kids menu☆

We collected Kids menus which child was pleased with

A time that is happy in whole family♪

  • Child Curry
    Body price 369 yen (tax-included 399 yen)
    ★It is with Toys, cake★

    Body price 463 yen (tax-included 499 yen)
    ★It is with Toys, cake★

    It is product which shredded omelet, salmon Halas, hamburg got on!

    3F [3311-4] / Gochiso Park / Japanese dishes OhitsuGohan
    TEL: 043-301-5175
  • Child dragon set
    (Rice Seasoning rice, deep-fried chicken, french fries, Dessert)
    Body price 680 yen (tax-included 735 yen)
    ★Juice and Toys are with★

    Child ramen

    (ramen, steamed meat bun)
    Body price 580 yen (tax-included 626 yen)
    ★Juice and Toys are with★

    Blue dragon Oriental
    2F [1235-7] /GRAND DINERS / Asian dish
    TEL: 043-239-9344
  • Child set (
    Body price 556 yen (tax-included 600 yen)
    ★Toys is with★

    Extreme popularity! Juice, toy are available. Advantageous Naoko menu.

    Hakata Dharma doll JAPAN (Japan)
    3F [1322-15] /LIVE KITCHEN / Ramen
    TEL: 043-211-8588
  • Smile set
    Body price 463 yen (tax-included 500 yen)
    ★Toys is with★

    Set of original chicken or boneless Kentucky + kaneringupoteto + goods!

    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    3F [3311-1] / Gochiso Park / Fried chicken
    TEL: 043-271-2112
  • Child and Curry
    Body price 740 yen (tax-included 800 yen)

    Sweet Curry using tender fillet with honey.

    Katsudon Inaba Wako
    3F [1322-6] /LIVE KITCHEN / Set meal, katsudon, sum sweetness to overcome
    TEL: 043-274-0777
  • Kids plate
    Body price 369 yen (tax-included 399 yen)

    It is set Demi sauce hamburg of extreme popularity by child♪

    3F [3306] / Italian restaurant
    TEL: 043-213-2821
  • MOS buzz-buzz hamburger set
    Body price 454 yen (tax-included 490 yen)
    ★Toys is with★

    It is hamburger and potato for child, set of Drinks.

    3F [3311-2] / Gochiso Park / Hamburger
    TEL: 043-213-3801
  • Child plate
    Body price 352 yen (tax-included 380 yen)

    Sweet Curry which even child is easy to eat. Salad and with orange juice.

    Chai Tea Cafe (spiced tea tea Café)
    2F [1246] / Ethnic Cafe
    TEL: 043-296-9222
  • Kids plate
    Body price 580 yen (tax-included 626 yen)
    ★Toys is with★

    Deep-fried chicken, croquette French fries to one plate♪

    Okamado Meshi Torahuku
    2F [1235-9] /GRAND DINERS / Japanese dishes 
    TEL: 043-275-9100
  • Child plate
    Body price 730 yen (tax-included 788 yen)

    Menu of extreme popularity including omurice, deep-fried chicken, soft serve!

    KITCHEN JO' S (Kitchen JOE'S)
    2F [1235-3] /GRAND DINERS / Western dishes
    TEL: 043-301-5099
  • Fired rice with child ramen, child
    Body price 580 yen (tax-included 626 yen)

    It is advantageous set with deep-fried chicken, orange juice, Dessert to be able to choose to ramen or fried rice of main♪

    2F [1235-11] /GRAND DINERS / Taiwanese dish
    TEL: 043-306-7789
  • Child ramen
    Body price 390 yen (tax-included 421 yen)
    ★It is with cake★

    Noodles and mini-fried rice juice, Confectionery of half size to set!

    3F [3311-3] / Gochiso Park / Ramen
    TEL: 043-307-3700
  • Child plate
    Body price 648 yen (tax-included 699 yen)
    ★Toys is with★

    Please choose among small fin cutlet crab cream croquette.

    2F [1235-8] /GRAND DINERS / pork cutlet
    TEL: 043-306-4760
  • Child Curry set
    Body price 800 yen (tax-included 864 yen)
    ★Toys is with★

    Dessert and Drinks are with in Beef tongue dish Curry for child. There is one time of Gachagacha!

    3F [1322-13] /LIVE KITCHEN / Store specializing in Beef tongue dish
    TEL: 043-276-0910
  • Demi Curry of Cheese in hamburg
    Body price 732 yen (tax-included 790 yen)

    Colorful Vegetables and Curry using sweet Demi sauce♪
    ※Ingredients may vary according to season.

    The curry which eats vegetables camp express (Campexpress)
    3F [1322-9] /LIVE KITCHEN / Curry
    TEL: 043-306-7551
  • omukarekizzupureto
    Body price 694 yen (tax-included 750 yen)

    Large satisfaction plate that omurice and Curry became one♪

    Kobe Rokkomichi gyunta
    3F [1322-14] /LIVE KITCHEN / Grilling foods on an iron plate Okonomiyaki Yakisoba
    TEL: 043-306-9789
  • Child pibimpa
    Body price 352 yen (tax-included 380 yen)

    We arrange major pibimpa for child!

    Yakiniku Toraji
    2F [1235-12] /GRAND DINERS / Yakiniku, Korean food
    TEL: 043-272-4129
  • Child plate
    Body price 700 yen (tax-included 756 yen)

    Hamburg and Beef tongue dish Curry to one plate♪

    Beef tongue dish charcoal making Rikyu
    2F [1235-5] /GRAND DINERS / Store specializing in Beef tongue dish
    TEL: 043-272-0910