Okamado Meshi Torahuku

Okamado Meshi Torahuku


2F [1235-9] Gourmet / Japanese dishes / GRAND MALL / GRAND DINERS/


From 11:00 to 22:00 (Latest Order 21:00)


The number of the seats
100 seats (Baby Chair: ten seats)
No Smoking
  • There is lunch menu
  • There is dinner menu
  • There is Baby Seat
  • There is Kids menu
  • There is alcohol

It is impossible of companion

Cheap restaurant of adult who cooked with large furnace

Japanese dishes shop featuring 150 kg of rice to cook with large furnace.
Customer which ordered set meal is free to do three kinds of rice, side dish three kinds another helping!
As side dish matching meat, Fish, rice using Vegetables which selected carefully is prepared, please enjoy with selected liquor.

<< selectable set meal in the bloom of two kinds >>
Advantageous set meal which you can choose two kinds as among four kinds of side dishes of Torahuku pride. (you can choose sashimi for +300 yen)
Of course it is free to do rice, side dish another helping!

★Seasonally limited menu introduction★
More detais are here

Kids menu☆

Restaurant menu introduction