It's up to you (ittsuapputuyu)

It's up to you (ittsuapputuyu)


3F [1308] Fashion / Accessories, miscellaneous goods / GRAND MALL /


From 10:00 to 22:00


"IT'S UP TO YOU = it is up to you"
We sometimes direct woman beautifully cutely in space where a lot of accessories such as jewel were studded with at time.
Do you not spend every day to wear accessories which yourself chose, and to be excited about in wonderful every day? We want to work as such a maid.

Job Opportunities

Sale duties

The type of job Sale duties
Duty condition

Inexperienced welcome!
Student, part-time jobber welcome!
One welcome that can work for long term!

Working hours

From 9:30 to 22:00


900 yen ~ (by ability raise in salary existence)


Transportation expenses supply, raise in salary existence, employee discount, clothes, hairstyle freedom


The staff is the delightful workplace peacefully♪

Application method, inquiry

To It's up to you Makuhari New City shop

Inquiry phone number 043-306-7555
Employment category Part-time job

2017/06/07 - 2017/06/30 updated