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1F [1136-6] Gourmet / Barbecued chicken, side dish, eel /


From 10:00 to 22:00


Barbecued chicken, side dish, eel is delicious; buy to go. Help of warm family

With such thought that Nihonichi adores domestic dining table wealthily, and wants to do all for smile, it is takeout shop which variation-rich develop including barbecued chicken, side dish, eel kabayaki, lunch.
We bake barbecued chicken using discerning chicken carefully one by one.
In addition, we handcraft side dish and lunch in Kitchen in shop and work as maid coloring dining table of home.

In addition, we sell Nihonichi original brand chicken "Otori moisture herb chicken" which we are particular from production to sale and pulled to send "really good thing, really delicious thing" at the time of fair conduct.