Nikudokoro Okubo

Nikudokoro Okubo

GRAND MALL Time Marche

1F [1136-9] Gourmet / Meat, side dish / GRAND MALL / Time Marche /

From 10:00 to 20:00


  • We can make a reservation
  • Takeout possibility

Store specializing in meat "Nikudokoro Okubo" presenting store in the whole country.
Rare part and assortment of goods including fresh beef hormone are abundant mainly on good-quality domestic Wagyu.
As for the "order cut" discerning in "Nikudokoro Okubo" for processing in shop "refilling to necessary quantity" services
Please give me voice cliff to feel free to contact as we go.
In addition, we provide side dish of butcher shop on the Meat corner side. We make use of the subject matter of meat,
We wait for visit of customer by abundant lineup including meat Sushi and burger.