Saintmarc Café

Saintmarc Café


2F [1254] Gourmet / Bakery, Café / GRAND MALL /


From 10:00 to 22:00 (Latest Order 21:30)


Saw bean after having order, and steam freshly baked bread of softly wet Saintmarc Café which baked with ultimate oven emitting "far infrared ray" ahead of stone pot for salt manufacturing effect, and extract; "one cup is for show", and please enjoy with coffee to the full.

Shop News

[new sale] Lemon Cheese chocolate black

It is good from Saintmarc Café in summer!
Seasonal chocolate black sells newly.

Lemon Cheese chocolate black (one piece of article)
Body price 180 yen (tax-included 194 yen)
We wrapped up cream cheese and chocolate of pasty using lemon from Sicily.

Assort; chocolate black  
Body price 760 yen (tax-included 820 yen)
BOX with three chocolate black, lemon Cheese chocolate black two.
How about for souvenir? ?

Appearance of lemon Cheese chocolate black is Monday, June 5.
As it is for a limited time, we buy, and please early.

Schedule 2017/06/05 MON

Sale 2017

(1)Banana chocolate black body price 190 yen (tax-included 205 yen)
(2)Souvenir banana (banana chocolate black five banana BOX) body price 760 yen (tax-included 820 yen)

Long-awaited sale!

We want desired product without already enduring!

We check other participation shop