Harness dog

Harness dog


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Dog life that "we tie pet dog and owner" to

We offer product which had functionality and design to get used to pet dog and owner being happy! Smile to make life with pet dog filled with happiness by fashion happily is overflowing shop.

Shop News

For heat stroke measures of pet dog ☆Recommended cool product☆

Everyday walk becomes great day by day; these days.
If temperature is lowered even a little, even doggy should be more fun.
To relaxation thyme which of course takes a walk during walk
We introduce recommended COEUR product.

★Cool clothing
Clothes that one helping put on is cool. Various lineups including clothing of contact feeling of cold that is cold when we touch and insecticide measures clothing which becomes cold when we get wet in water are mast by!

The dreaminess to be chilly in kadora of cold contact feeling of cold function when we touch♪

★Cool aluminum Mats ※New product
Aluminum Mats utilized characteristic to take heat of aluminum. Care is easy!

★Cool Mats
Convenient feeling of cold Mats which is usable without cooling. Spread quickly; and for the heat stroke prevention.

Please come to the store with doggy.
We wait♪

★Snoopy birthday fair★

During period of from Friday, August 4 to Sunday, August 20
★Snoopy birthday fair★
We hold o!

<limited special plan>
We put SNOOPY name and sell Aprons
Snoopy Café Aprons 3S ~ small size
Body price 2,400 yen ~ (tax-included 2,592 yen ~)
※It is Aprons for doggy which can play the name case by 300 yen addition
(excellent case is up to six characters. Hiragana letter, two kinds of Romaji can choose)

In addition, we offer a lot of Snoopy products.
Please come to play at this opportunity!
We wait for visit of customer!

Schedule 2017/08/04 FRI - 2017/08/20 SUN

Customer Thank-you Day

The own shop reward card point is double

It is ... with feeling of thank you
We hold Customer Thank-you Day for .30 days on 20th!

Wonderful privilege is got for payment AEON CARD, AEON bank card, WAON Cards (electronic money), the presentation of WAON POINT Cards!

※Contents were updated in June, 2017.
※About target Cards which privilege is caught, it varies according to specialty store.
※Privilege by payment is received the presentation of WAON POINT Cards only in WAON POINT participation shop.
※There is store which we do not carry out including some specialty stores.
※There is product excluding partly.
※With other discount cannot use together.

Specifically, please refer to each specialty store.

We check other participation shop

GG Thank-you Day

The own shop reward card point is double

[AEON MALL specialty store/AEON MALL Tenant shop G.G thanks day]

It is abbreviation of ... Grand Generation (grand generation) with "G.G".
Generation who reaches brightest time in the life. Please let me call elders in the times when the second life is enjoyed with various styles with Grand Generation while having rich knowledge and experience to repeat age youthfully.


Every month on 15th, G.G WAON Cards, various privileges are got for WAON Cards, exhibition of G.G AEON CARD discount service of mention leisurely.

※Contents were updated in June, 2017.
※Please exhibit before order or payment (we cannot do correspondence after payment.)
※By month, the date may be changed.
※There is some exclusion product including sale product.
※With other discount cannot use together.
※Updated price is all tax-included.
※Including target product ask in detail in each specialty store.
※Contents may be changed without notice.

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Store which is targeted for Tax-Free

In AEON MALL Makuhari New City, you get up in some store as service for customer from foreign countries and can enjoy shopping in Tax-Free.

We AEON Mall Makuhari New City get up as service for visitors from the foreign countries, some stores can enjoy shopping in Tax-Free.

Living-in-AEON MALL Makuhari New City, 顾 visitor of 针对 sea outpatient department, limited living-in-part branch store 铺开 exhibition possible use Tax-Free next enjoyment excellent 乐购 material clothes 务.

※Person resident in Japan is out of Tax-Free.

We check other participation shop