Kanazawa maimon Sushi

Kanazawa maimon Sushi

GRAND MALL Time Marche

1F [1136-10] Gourmet / Conveyor belt sushi / GRAND MALL / Time Marche /


From 11:00 to 22:00 (Latest Order 21:00)


The number of the seats
No Smoking
  • There is lunch menu
  • There is Baby Seat
  • There is Kids menu
  • There is alcohol

[Kanazawa maimon Sushi]
High quality Rotation sushi which discerning Sushi plays
Around Hokuriku, Kanazawa, it is full of fishery products of pichipichi to lay in stock of from port of all over the country of the whole country. In the material which selected carefully, the rare material or the change material of creation are varied. Please thoroughly enjoy Kanazawa in Kokoro line bears in Makuhari.

Restaurant menu introduction

Job Opportunities

Waiting on customers, cooking assistance

The type of job Waiting on customers, cooking assistance
Duty condition

Inexperienced person welcome! One that is possible more than three days a week

Working hours

It is decided after consultation


1,000 yen - 1,300 yen/h interval 
/ hourly wage 100 yen improves on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
There is internship


We serve transportation expenses supply, and there is, and there is company percent


After consultation, it is decided


Hall STAFF, kitchen STAFF offer.
As experience does not matter, we wait for favorite waiting on customers, cooking.

Application method, inquiry

Charge: To manager Miyazawa

Inquiry phone number 043-306-7573
Employment category Part, part-time job

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