Zerbino (Zerbino)

Zerbino (Zerbino)


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Specialty store of men's Shoes

Specialty store of men's Shoes treating a lot of cool products by fashion under the theme of "dandy." From business to casual, we offer Shoes of various brands.

Shop News

Up to 50% of OFF! AEON MALL sale

It finally began (^ □ ^ ♪)

What and ... 50%OFF maximum in Zerbino!
We offer both that and this at bargain price (> ▼ <! )
We buy and wait for visit of to shinonaiyo all of you (vv)

POLO slip-on sneakers

(^^) which is GRAND MALL 3F Zerbino

Began the handling of Ladies size in Zerbino, but (^▼^)
We introduce recommended product in that♪

Body price 6,900 (tax-included 7,452 yen)
Body price 5,900 yen (tax-included 6,372 yen)

tonatteorimasu (^□^!!)

We wait for visit of all of you★

"Sandals which Yamato soul dwells" in

By hand finished handmade Sandals of one by one expert craftsman
"Smart IKI" of Yamato Toko rhodatwo series
It is finished carefully in MADE IN JAPAN and lets you be familiar with foot whenever you wear with genuine leather specifications.
In addition, we wear in Cushions-related outstanding Insoles and flexible good out sole and wear and are distinguished for feeling, too!

Price to be worried about body price 5,900 yen (tax-included 6,372 yen)!

It becomes product which is good to present of Father's Day☆

The purchase discusses the rights and wrongs! To GRAND MALL 3F Zerbino
We wait for visit.

Sale 2017

(1)Than some products our shop normal price in shop 10-30% OFF
(2)Uniform Grand Jess casual shoes body price 3,900 yen (uniform tax-included 4,212 yen)

Long-awaited sale!

We want desired product without already enduring!

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Store which is targeted for Tax-Free

In AEON MALL Makuhari New City, you get up in some store as service for customer from foreign countries and can enjoy shopping in Tax-Free.

We AEON Mall Makuhari New City get up as service for visitors from the foreign countries, some stores can enjoy shopping in Tax-Free.

Living-in-AEON MALL Makuhari New City, 顾 visitor of 针对 sea outpatient department, limited living-in-part branch store 铺开 exhibition possible use Tax-Free next enjoyment excellent 乐购 material clothes 务.

※Person resident in Japan is out of Tax-Free.

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