WAONPOINT scratch campaign

During campaign period, we carry out scratch campaign targeting at people who had WAON POINT subscribe★

We have one proposed with registration application of Tablets and paper at store hand scratch postcard, and which had you perform WAON POINT sign-in (registration of smart WAON Web ID) on smart WAON website can participate in WAON POINT scratch at the Web top.

We present either WAON POINT of displayed when we have you reduce scratch postcard or scratch on the Web.
※Scratch postcard, scratch on the Web, please note that loser (0WAON POINT) may appear to be able to be fixed together.

▼It is customer of application by postcard
Please mail WAON POINT number of registration, WAON number (number of electronic money WAON Cards) after entry.
Grant of point plans about the end of August, but may be mixed up.

▼It is customer of application on smart WAON website
We are given point immediately.

[conduct period]
From Thursday, June 1, 2017 to Sunday, July 9, 2017

[deadline for application]
▼It is customer of application by postcard
Today's Ticket postmark is effective on Sunday, July 9, 2017
After checking having had you fill out sign-in application, hand scratch postcard. After having had you fill out sign-in application, we can have you enclose scratch postcard with envelope of sign-in application.

▼It is customer of application on smart WAON website
Time when we can reduce scratch on the Web on smart WAON website is until 23:59 on Sunday, July 9, 2017.

[targeted for application]
・Customer which had you subscribed in "store Tablets" and apply "mail" during period.
・Customer which was performed "WAON POINT sign-in" of with Personal Computers smartphone (acquires smart WAON Web ID) during period.
※Customer having you already register "smart WAON Web ID" is inapplicable.

[target Cards]
・WAON POINT Cards, electronic money WAON Cards
※AEON CARD is excluded for automatic sign-in.

[point confirmation method]
We can confirm history of point grant on smart WAON website.
We are displayed with "★ ★ WAON POINT scratch + ○○ WAON POINT of the first anniversary".

WAON POINT support center (from 9:00 to 21:00 / No holidays)
・Inquiry from Adult telephone: 0120-500-154
・Inquiry (call charge paid) from Cellular Phones: 0570-550-710

Schedule 2017/06/01 Thursday -2017/07/09 Sunday

2017.06.10 updated