We were able to modernize amusement place of child!

There was amusement place of child for a limited time in front of GRAND MALL 3F HYPER SHOP★

[request to use safely]
★Target Age is child until 3 years old.
★Protector hopes that he/she does not take his/her eyes off child.
★Shoes casts, and please use.
★Please be careful about accident and injuries enough.
★Please refrain from eating and drinking.
★Playground equipment makes mutual concessions, and please use.
★As small child uses, you run and jump, and please stop equal no danger act.
Because "all of you use safely, I would like understanding cooperation"

※Image becomes image. Please note that playground equipment may be changed.

Time From 10:00 to 22:00
Location The GRAND MALL 3F HYPER SHOP (hyper shop) front

2017.05.19 updated