About visit in group bus, Large-sized bus

Visit in <group bus, Large-sized bus became convenient >

When you come in group bus, Large-sized bus , we ask for prior application.

[application method]
(1) We output "application paper" than the following link, and, after necessary matter mention, I would like application by FAX.
⇒ Please download "application paper" from this.
⇒ "The details of application method", please identify this
(2) We reply by FAX by guidance about getting on and off place and parking bay after having confirmed application contents which had you submit in us.
(3) After checking contents of guidance, please visit.

[getting on and off place]
It stops by car at one time in "bus terminal" of AEON MALL only when we admit after prior application from us, and the getting on and off is enabled.
But please note that cases that trouble may be over for case and service of route bus that we had reservation and coming at the same time may decline the use.
⇒ About "AEON MALL bus terminal," please confirm than this.

[parking bay]
By status or body size of Today's Ticket, we appoint "parking bay" beforehand from us.
⇒ About "parking bay," please confirm than this.

・Please apply within one week before scheduled visit date.
・Answer may take time. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
・When reservations occur at the same time, I may decline the getting on and off at equal bus terminal.
・Parking and stopping on around road is very dangerous. We hope that you use place of guidance after prior application.
・About case, accident, damage, loss or theft in at the time of the bus getting on and off and in the mall, please note that you cannot take responsibility in us.

2014/01/11 updated