Recruitment of Sport Duel Soccer participants of new game sense!


Participation for free

Saturday, July 1 start!
Recruitment of Sport Duel Soccer (Duel Soccer) participants of new game sense!

1 on 1 battle to fight in circular cage!
3 goal taking first or game to must keep an eye on for an instant that victory is decided on in one KO without crotch.
Let's do entry!

★Entry class★
[Kids class]
Elementary school 5.6 Grade
32 capacity
Qualifier: Group league system of four *8 group.
The main match: Tournament
※As it is started after Reception immediately, come with appearance that you can participate in immediately.
[open class]
More than junior high student
16 capacity
Tournament system

※We come in entry regardless of man and woman with both classes.
※We are prohibited from spike.

★Entry method★
Email: Send [phone number that you can contact on the day of full name / age / sex / e-mail address / address /] to info@chimera-union .com after mention.

★Entry period★
Until from Friday, June 9, 2017 to Friday, June 23
※It becomes the end as soon as the number of the participants becomes capacity. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

★Contact information★
Email: info@chimera-union .com
Phone number 050-3658-9738

Schedule 2017/07/01 SAT
Time We plan at Reception start 11:00

2017/06/09 updated