Portrait exhibition holding of family!


During period of from Friday, June 2, 2017 to Sunday, June 30, portrait exhibition of family whom children of neighborhood kindergarten drew is held between AEON Court by GRAND MALL 1F Grand Court!

Come by all means with your friends★

★Participation kindergarten★
Airisu kindergarten
Jotoku school Isobe kindergarten
kozakura second kindergarten
Kindergarten attached to Chiba Keiai Junior College
Takahama kindergarten
Chiba Sazanami kindergarten
Educational foundation Makuhari International School
Educational foundation Chiba white chrysanthemum school Chiba Shiragiku kindergarten
Hibari kindergarten
Saint child garden attached to Chiba girls' high school
Masago Shirayuri kindergarten
Yahiro school montessori Child house
Kindergarten attached to educational foundation Yoshino school
Educational foundation Hiraoka school The first Kurumi kindergarten
Shintokuji Asahi kindergarten
Hanamigawa Sakura school nursery school
Makoto the second kindergarten
Akatsuki kindergarten
Sugahara kindergarten
Sazare kindergarten
Satsukigaoka kindergarten
Flower garden kindergarten
※Random order

Schedule 2017/06/02 FRI - 2017/06/30 FRI
Time From 10:00 to 22:00
Location 1F Grand Court ~ AEON Court

2017/06/02 updated